profileSlapout, Alabama maybe just a small dot on a map, but to me that dot represents a foundation.  A place where values were formed and traditions were handed down.  A place where you hold the door open for a lady and your presence is mandatory for lunch on Sunday.  The Southern traditions entrench in my childhood has given me a different perspective on how I look at life.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel and see many of the fantastic sights the world has to offer, but to truly be a traveler, you have to embrace the experience.  Traveling is not just going to a location and just seeing the popular spots.  It is learning to value a different lifestyle while leaving behind a piece of yourself in the process.  The values learned while growing up in my hometown may be second nature to me, but there is a big world waiting to learn about mine and your traditions.

This site is dedicated to those people who openly accept the invitation to welcome their traditions into your life.  Together, we will travel and experience a multitude of places off the beaten path and highlight the attractions and events that call out for you to experience something new, something different.  Who knows, if you find yourself in Slapout around lunchtime on Sunday, there is always room at the table for one more.  It’s a Southern thing.