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Noccalula Falls for Love

Noccalula Falls is a picturesque waterfall that tells a sad story of a forbidden love and its tragic consequences.  Known for its 90-foot cascade into the Black Creek Gorge that is located on a 225-acre park in Etowah County, two… Continue Reading →

Don’t be Scared to go Here, It’s a Rock Solid Wonder

In the town of Lemmon, South Dakota, a curiosity that occupies a full city block will pique an interest in both geology and architecture.  The Petrified Wood Park and Museum highlights structures completely made out of petrified wood, fossils and… Continue Reading →

Crowing Loud about Ybor City

There are many ways to describe Ybor City. Like the Mural shows, the neighborhood is a melting pot for the lover of history, food, fashion, Art Aficionados, roosters, or the occasional Night owl. As a historic district northeast of downtown… Continue Reading →

Misunderstood Wonder of the Ancient World

Stonehenge represents many things to many people. Some see it as a place of pilgrimage for the sick, others see it as a privileged place that affords communication with heaven and the underworld, while a few deem it a launching… Continue Reading →

Happy Days in the Brew City

On the River Walk in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you just might find yourself running into an old friend if your a fan of TV Land.  The Bronze Fonz is sculpture that depicts Arthur Fonzarelli (also known as “Fonzie” or “The Fonz”),… Continue Reading →

A Round Treat on Route 66

Cruising down Route 66 near Oklahoma City, an interesting site comes into view.  Now giving that you are on Route 66 that should not actually be a surprise, but one look at the Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma and the… Continue Reading →

Coney Island: Deno’s Wonder Wheel is Worth the Spin

Some consider Deno’s Wonder Wheel the most romantic ride in the world, and why not, its a ride that combines the thrill of a scenic railway, a Ferris wheel, and a chute the chutes ride. Originally the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel… Continue Reading →

Why look at American Gothic when you can be part of it!

Driving through Eldon, Iowa, you see a small town just like any typical small rural farming town that is dotting the map in the Midwest.  The road side is a combination of local shops, silos, and open fields, all nestled besides the… Continue Reading →

Goofing a Round of Goofy Golf

  The shot is lined up.  The ball is tapped and is rolling straight to the hole when all of a sudden, the ostrich pecks the hole with his beak and deflects the ball to the right.  Your group erupts… Continue Reading →

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