On the River Walk in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you just might find yourself running into an old friend if your a fan of TV Land.  The Bronze Fonz is sculpture

that depicts Arthur Fonzarelli (also known as “Fonzie” or “The Fonz”), wearing a leather jacket and jeans. He is giving a two handed thumbs up, a gesture he often made in the television series Happy Days which ran from 1974-1984.  Henry Winkler played the Fonz in the sitcom about a family in 1950s/1960s Milwaukee.

The statue is located on the just south of Wells Street and it was commissioned by Visit Milwaukee, who raised $85,000 to place it to promote tourism in the River Walk area.  This is a must stop selfie spot to get your picture with this television icon shooting his trademark double thumbs up.  The popular sculpture was unveiled on August 18, 2008, with most of the original Happy Days cast attending the dedication ceremony.  Even today maybe once a year when Winkler comes to Milwaukee, he still likes visiting the statue.

Address:  117 E. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI