The shot is lined up.  The ball is tapped and is rolling straight to the hole when all of a sudden, the ostrich pecks the hole with his beak and deflects the ball to the right.  Your group erupts in laughter at your mistimed putt and you can only shake your head in disbelief.  This is only one of the misfortunes that await you when you try your hand at Goofy Golf. 

goofy-golf-monkeySince 1959, Goofy Golf has been a mainstay attraction amusing visitors to Panama City Beach, Florida.  Constructed by Lee Koplin, this imaginative concoction features larger than life replicas of a life size brontosaurus to a towering Easter Island bust that features an observation deck atop its flat head that give those with the courage enough to climb it, a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico directly across the street. 

On a sign by the clubhouse, Koplin stated his vision for his creation by declaring, “This is a Magic World, where the ages of time abide in a garden of serenity, with perpetual peace and harmony.”  In the eyes of a children and adults alike, this is mission accomplished.  This ‘Magic World’ contains serious lighthearted challenges that will delight and frustrate all who attempted them.  One hole has a large castle equipped with a moving drawbridge and no visual way to see the target hole.  While another hole features a large monkey whose tail switches back and forth to prevent a straight shot to the target hole.  The two courses and meticulously landscaped to give players a sense of anticipation about what is next while hiding the views for what is directly around the corner.  It incorporates foliage and distinctive structures such as a space rocket, animals, a pirate ship, and even a walkthrough cave to give the player a visual experience as they play through the courses.   In fact, Lee Koplin built his family’s home directly behind the towering brontosaurus where it still stands

So if you are in the Panama City Beach and find yourself looking for something distinctly different to do with your family or friends, give Goofy Golf a try.  From the Sphinx to creepy spiders to even outhouses, Goofy Golf has something that will put a smile on your face, even if it takes you six times to get the ball in the hole.  Goofy Golf is open 9 am to 10 pm everyday during the season, so it is a good idea to call to make sure of their operating hours.  The telephone number is 850 234 6403.  Each course is $8, but be aware that they do not accept credit cards, however there is a ATM available.   Goofy Golf is located at 12206 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, Florida.

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